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"Jeff turned my house into a very flattering reflection of my personality. He took all my random and contrasting ideas and turned them into a classy and comfortable style. He's a lovely person to go on the long journey of building your home with."



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“Jeff Andrews is a true expert of his craft. He understood the feeling of peace I wanted to capture in my home. The house now feels timeless due to his ability to clearly capture and execute my vision. His creativity and attention to detail confirm why he is at the top of his field.” 

– Ryan Seacrest 

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“Working with Jeff has taught me so much about design. I have always been afraid of color and Jeff has helped me get over that. When I have a crazy vision, Jeff tweaks it, adds his ideas and helps make it perfection! Working with him is so much fun and he totally gets my sense of style!” 

– Kourtney Kardashian 


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“Jeff’s ability to interpret, enhance, and execute the vision I had for my living space exceeded my expectations. Throughout the renovation process, his sensitivity, professionalism, and enthusiasm put me at ease. Because of Jeff’s simultaneous flexibility and leadership, I’m now living in a home that is an authentic representation of my own aesthetic sense. Quite simply, he and his team are great at what they do.” 

– Michael C. Hall 


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Jeff transformed our house into a true home … and a work of art. It is such a rare talent to be able to read another person’s emotions and sense of style and create a design that powerfully expresses those feelings.  And what makes it even better is that Jeff’s enthusiasm and sense of humor made working on the project a pleasure from start to finish! We love living in the space that Jeff created for us.  It has a positive impact on our lives every day. 

- Kathi Costello


“His creative compass and understanding of his projects is the foundation of his amazing portfolio.”

- California HOME + DESIGN

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“We couldn’t be happier with Jeff and his team. His taste is classic, cool and livable, and he’s very easy to work with. We feel very comfortable sharing our thoughts with him. Jeff and his team are able to take our feelings and transform them into design concepts and then into real rooms!” 

– Barry Poznick 


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“Jeff Andrews has a way of meeting the client and being able to form their words into a piece of art. I want glitz and glamour but still masculine and substantial, and whatever I say, he somehow understands and executes it. He knows what I like, he knows his clients individually and knows how to work with them. Jeff has a gift with interior design and with dealing with so many different personalities.” 

– Khloe Kardashian